Find Out Why Almost Every
Self Employed Canadian
With a Home Office is Missing
ValuableTax Deductions. 

Your Business-Use-of-Home Expenses is Where Tax Savings Can be Found Innovation and a Streamlined Process are the Keys

Ken Lagasse, an accountant and small business tax specialist with over 35 years of experience helping Canadian small businesses, recognized that too many of his clients and those of his associates (and many others) have struggled with this flaw in the tax preparation process for too long.

He became determined to find a solution but after much looking he realized it was nowhere to be found. So he created it himself.

 What exactly is the situation?

Legitimate tax deductions from the business-use-of-home expenses for most self-employed Canadians with a home office are not maximized. The flaw in the system that helps perpetuate this situation is explained in the pop up page.  Refresh the page to see the pop up again if you missed it. It will only display one additional time.

To be clear, although it affects most people who are self employed with a home office, this does not affect everyone. How then do you know if it affects you?

If you answer Yes to the  following question you are likely in a postion to reduce your taxes.

Ask yourself...
Has it been a long time since you had a tax professional review your business-use-of-home expenses to find more legitimate tax deductions? By the way, without solid tax research based on your unique situation and an attitude that sidesteps the unneccesary "better to play it safe" syndrome, it is not a real review.

The Solution Offered Here Is Like...

having a step by step tax review by an expert when you want, for as long as you want to find unused tax deductions 
a private investigator that leaves nothing uncovered
giving your tax preparer (or your current tax software) exactly the data needed to file your return and save you taxes

Your Tax Deduction Detector Is Ready To Go


The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector is designed to quickly and accurately detect as many unused legitimate tax deductions as possible for you based on your situation. Many taxpayers are not claiming a deduction because of the grey areas of how tax law may apply to them. The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector cuts through the fog to save you money.

 Web Based Application

No installing. Lifetime access  from anywhere on any computer.

Step by Step/Fill in the Blanks Process

The software includes a highly sophisticated Step-by-Step auto-calculator, expert video coaching showing how to get the most tax savings from using the software and much more. No stone is left unexamined  with  extensive additional Scenario Based Tips and insightful comments revealing many potential ways to increase your tax deductions.

Every Effort Has Been Made to Reveal

All Relevant Tax Saving Strategies for

Every Situation!

Developed by Tax Specialists
The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector is developed by tax-specialists and guides you to provide input to calculate the precise, maximized amounts to be placed on the Statement of Business or Professional Activities (T2125 form) on the “business-use-of-home-expenses” section of your personal tax return.

It's More than You Think

Your 'home office' is actually the entire workspace used for business purposes. Most people are honestly using more space for their business - especially part-time use - than they are currently applying to calculate their deductions.

Maximize and Support Your Claims

It does not matter how high your home expenses are, rather it is more important how you calculate your expense claims and how you can support your claims. The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector reveals all of this and more.


Customer Testimonial

Wow, I have been a small business owner for many years and now maximizing tax deductions for business in my home is much easier to calculate and more precise for any type of review by CRA. This tool is simple, yet very detailed; it covers areas of the home I would not have thought to use like parking, garage, and storage areas

Christine MacLean
Ottawa, Ontario


Remember that a saved tax dollar is worth more than a dollar of revenue AND in this case savings can be repeated year after year.

 Price is Only $79.45 (all taxes included) or less if you have a coupon.


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The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector is a secure web based software buyers can access from any computer that connects to the internet. No downloads, no fuss. Users will access their software and bonuses (see below) from an email sent after buying the software.  

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for a full, courteous, no questions asked refund.

The tax return preparation software that you or your tax preparer use requires input of certain (limited) data to calculate the claim for your business-use-of-home expenses. However,  tax return preparation software does not specifically address the many complexities and scenarios that need attention. The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector provides for unique situations so that, in many circumstances, you can claim higher expenses that tax return preparation software ignores and cannot calculate.

If you have a home office this is for you. It includes tax scenarios for almost all situations involving self-employed individuals working from home.  It also covers entrepreneurs who run one or more businesses from a home office as well as an outside facility. It is not designed for corporate businesses but does disclose what that situation involves.


Bonus 1 - Coaching Video

As a special bonus the developer of this software has provided a video walking you through the software. He provides 40 years worth of insights and tactics you can use to save even more taxes. This is well worth your time.

Bonus 2 - 30 Taxtoons by the Developer
Yes, an accountant with a wicked sense of humour.

Bonus 3 - How to Design and Support a Deductible Expense

Tax Relief Strategies the Experts Use for Their Own Tax Returns

We did not want to stop with business-use-of-home expenses so we created this ebook that could help you dramatically increase the other deductible expenses in your business. This is for small corporations as well. If you keep in mind that saving taxes is like generating new revenue, only it keeps on giving year after year, you will appreciate how the right mindset and a little knowledge can make a big difference.     


  • The Magic of the Right Attitude                                                                   
  • The Theory of Allowable Expenses                            
  • Factors You Can Control to Maximize Tax Savings for Claimed Expenses      
  • What Else May be Affected by the Way You Claim Expenses?                 
  • Eight Frequently Missed Opportunities for Claiming Expenses               
  • Keys to Remember When Designing Your Deductible Expense
  • What to Avoid Unless Your Want Trouble from CRA                                  
  • Samples of Restricted Business Expenses 


Bonus 4 - Twelve Ways the Canada Revenue Agency May Have an Advantage Over You and What to do About it. 

This ebook guide is need to know information for every taxpayer in Canada. It's not a slam of CRA but information about how CRA operates. This is invaluable when you are communicating with CRA especially if your are involved in a dispute. This report also includes three more quick reads of need to know information about interacting with The Canada Revenue Agency. 

  • Tax Land Mines for the Unwary
  • Common Misconceptions That Can be Devastating When Dealing with CRA
  • The 80/20 Rule Applied to the Canadian Income Tax & GST/HST Environment

Bonus 5 - Overview of Establishing a Successful Business Financing Process

This ebook guide contains numerous 'ah-ha' moments for those considering borrowing or raising money for their business. Preparation is key to increase your chances of getting what you want, when you want and how you want. This guide may well contain a key element you have not thought of that will make a big difference for you.


  • Determine Financing Needs                                                              
  • Evaluating Present Circumstances & Forecasting Future Expectations     
  • Locating Interested Sources for Financing                                          
  • Choosing the Most Suitable Financial Arrangement                                   
  • Other Important Borrowing Considerations  

Customer Testimonial

Even after five years running my own successful home business, this helped me squeeze yet more value from my home business operations at tax time… to my surprise, and my wife's pleasure!

Michael Katz
Regina, Sask.


It addresses and then demonstrates how to calculate  your expenses by using the easy to follow Step by Step process that includes every likely situation.

You will be calculating   your business-use-of-home expenses anyway. This software is actually a joy to use because it leads you through a logical and conclusive decision making process.
The calculator uses auto-calculation input fields that immediately change relevant totals and quickly displays results in the exact format of the T2125 form of your tax return.

 Pop-up comments provide the gems of tax saving opportunities for each likely expense.

 Two optional steps in this software consider mixed personal and business use areas in your residence and distinguish those areas and expenses that are 100% deductible. No tax preparation software performs these calculations. Your final outcome reveals line by line amounts of your claim on a special form which matches the tax return data needed by your tax preparer.


Many self-employed taxpayers rely on professionals to complete their tax returns during a busy and intense tax season. For your home office business expenses claim, your tax preparer needs facts and correct data combined with your explanation of how your residence is used for your business. This software can provide your tax professional with printouts of your comments, the actual calculations and the tax form information already completed. They can review the information quickly and this will definitely save time completing your tax return.


Here are a Few of the Important Questions Evaluated by the Software  to Increase Deductions for Self-Employed Taxpayers

 What areas in my residence am I most likely to miss when calculating business use?

 What can I deduct regarding  areas or locations not attached to my residence?

 How can I think ahead and be prepared for an audit from CRA regarding my business-use-of-home expense?

 What if my business is a Corporation?

 How and when can I use an unfinished basement or your garage to legitimately increase my deductions?

 What about circumstances where I do not own or lease  my residence in my name exclusively?

 When can hallways and foyers be considered for business-use-of-home expenses?

 When and how can areas that combine business and personal use be applied to increase deductions?

How does the treatment of maintenance, repairs and renovation costs increase my deductions?

 How and when can I deduct loan and mortgage interest for debt related to my residence?

The details provided to you in the software may initially seem like unnecessary overkill - just what CRA wants you to think. The much needed clarity provided in the details of the softwware and training  results in  an increased home office expense claim that is well documented and supported. No worries, the Step-by-Step process makes it fast and easy to skip over the details that do not apply to you.

Price is Only $79.45 (all taxes included) or less if you have a coupon.


 Please enter your coupon code before clicking the access button.  SEE BONUS SECTION BELOW.

 You can pay within your Paypal account or click the "Don't have a Paypal account ?" tab to pay directly with a charge card of your choice.

The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector is a secure web based software buyers can access from any computer that connects to the internet. No downloads, no fuss. Users will access their software and bonuses (see below) from an email sent after buying the software.  

100% Money Back Guaranteecontact us

for a full, courteous, no questions asked refund.

P.S. Personal Comment About Tax Specialists

Tax specialists do not make claims they cannot justify or confidently defend. Our tax professionals, who thrive on the complexities of a tax practice four decades old, are the actual creators of The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector. We tell it like it is and what it should be. Finally, an organized and welcomed easy to use Step by Step process, automatic calculator, and reporting tool has arrived to salute the courageous and determined self-employed entrepreneurs working from their homes. Good fortune. K.R. Lagasse