Welcome to the Affiliate Signup Page for the Home Office Tax Deduction Detector

We are currently offering 35% commissions for all sales from anyone you send to the sales page and who subsequently purchase the software, training  and accompanying bonuses. We pay monthly on balances more than $50. We pay through your paypal account or if you do not have one we will send you a cheque. We strongly suggest you have a Paypal account for transparency and confirmation protocols.

Buyers of the software also have access to the companion membership site "The Home Office Tax Saving Centre"  that you can now access by clicking the links above. 

You can be sure that most people using their home for business are not maximizing their tax deductions for their business-use-of-home expenses. 

The Tax Deduction Detector Affiliate Manager will be happy to talk to you about how the portion of  self employed, work from home individuals of your client base can benefit from this software and how you can structure your message to meet their expectations.  You will be helping them save money and making money yourself by doing so.

You can sign up here.

Detailed instructions and sales tools such as your affiliate links, sample emails to send to your list and banners to use in advertising are provided inside the Affiliate Site you will be directed to. Please review the information below before registering and call or email the Affiliate Manager to enable and provide you with a unique 15% coupon code as an incentive for purchases transacted from your promotions.

What Happens After You Register?

We have one of the easiest and best affiliate systems available. Call the Affiliate Manger directly if you have any questions. He will check in with you periodically. ALWAYS use your affiliate link in your messages or banners so you get paid correctly.

Be sure to contact the Affiliate Manager and ask him to send you a unique 15% Coupon code you can give to your clients as an incentive before they navigate to the sales page on our site.

Affiliate Manager Contact Information:
Doug Lagasse
Office Hours 8:30am - 6:00pm PST
Sales Office: 250-999-8724
email: info@homeofficetaxsavingcentre.com


After you register you will be forwarded to your unique affiliate page. Your unique affiliate link, all sales tools, detailed instructions, and automatic advanced tracking of all your clicks and sales are available on that page.

Save this login: http://homeofficetaxsavingcentre.com/affiliate-sign-up-page  The system will remember you.

If you have not yet reviewed the primary sales page go here

Click on Campaign Tab and that will bring you to the affiliate campaign your registered for  i.e. "The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector Affiliate Campaign"   Click on the blue campaign title and you are now at a page with specific campaign information.

Your affiliate link. Click on the tab Promo Tools and copy your affiliate link.  It is unique to you and should be used with whatever method you use to promote the software.  Use ONLY this link. 


Navigate to the sample email text or the banners (copy banners by right clicking and saving). Again use use only your affiliate link when directing traffic from the banners or other links to the sales page.  All sales for each tool are visible so you know what is working the best for you.Use whatever tools you wish.  If you want customized banners please contact the Affiliate Manager.