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Things to Keep in Mind
1) The value of a saved tax dollar can be significantly more than a dollar of revenue. This is especially true if that same tax dollar can be saved year after year. That is a very likely outcome for you. Therefore, if you spend an hour using this software and save $500 in taxes that could equal as much as $800+ in revenue - depending on your margins - and that is year after year for a one-time effort THAT YOU HAD TO DO ANYWAY.

2) Many people who go through the exercise of  claiming home office expenses often use rough estimates and as a result often lowball these estimates so they do not get into trouble with CRA since they may have trouble justifying their estimates even if they are true.  For you, those days are now gone. 

You will likely be pleasantly surprised how using the software will increase and maximize your tax deductions while simultaneously establishing justifiable data. This will please your tax preparer and give everyone peace of mind.