About The Home Office Tax Saving Centre and The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector

The Home Office Tax Saving Centre and The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector are services provided by Action Publishing Ltd.  

K. Richard Lagasse, accountant, tax specialist, software developer and entrepreneur is the owner of Action Publishing Ltd.  As well, in his private accounting practice he has been helping small businesses in Canada for almost 40 years and has specialized in tax services for the last 30 years.

K. Richard Lagasse  and his associates have had a lot of success working with Canadian small businesses and self-employed individuals in all types of industries such as: Beauty and Cosmetics, Distributors, Agricultural and Farming, Clothing and Accessories, Retail  Stores, Consulting Firms, Film and Entertainment, Financial, Marketing, Realtors, Internet Consulting, Trades and Designated Professionals.

Corporate site: www.taxwatchcanada.com

As far as client services, Ken currently focuses on:

  • helping small businesses structure new and existing corporations to best take advantage of available tax savings,
  • on helping late filers catch up with their tax obligations with as few consequences as possible,
  • on representing taxpayers dealing with CRA - particularly those with disputes based on RRSP withdrawals,
  • and specializes in helping businesses and individuals with interest and penalty relief in all it's incarnations.

What is the TaxWatch Advantage?
TaxWatch Canada's consultants, accountants, tax specialists and associated legal representatives were brought together to assist Canadians in challenging tax situations that calls for specialized expertise, experience and knowledge. Our knowledge of CRA procedures and our contacts within CRA allows us to offer services based not only on what has worked in the past, but on carefully considered and efficient actions. We expect to succeed for our clients.

Ken has created a blog to freely offer his insights, experience and humour to help small businesses (particularly small corporations) in Canada with insider scoops and sanity-saving information. Go here.

Corp Tax Pro
Corp Tax Pro is a division of TaxWatch Canada LLP and was created to provide tax relief solutions for small businesses who wish to incorporate. Our mandate is to work closely with business owners  to define and implement the corporate structure best suited to their goals and individual situations in such a way that tax savings, as well as the other benefits of incorporating, are absolutely maximized. We continue to work closely with our clients after their incorporation.